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    Simple Wellness For Your World

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Simple Wellness

Education . Restoration . Prevention





Settle Down Pills 

Calm your brain and focus!

Great for pets too!!




Balancing Blend Drops

Weight Balancing 

Hot Flashes

Better Sleep too!





Instant Willpower 

JuniperLife mouth spray!

Stop sugar cravings NOW!




Immunotec Products

Amazing Immune products 





Voxx Socks 

Brain neuro-technology 

Balance, discomfort, movement





Cardiovascular Recovery

Stop the #1 killer:

       Heart Disease!






Daily Defense

Back in Stock!!

A vitamin for your immune system.


Daily dose-up for preventative measures to insure an active and productive immune system.







Better Circulation

Local to Northern Colorado?

We have a rental unit! 




        Bemer Microcirulation Device





Looking to make some changes in your health regimen? 

There are many new technologies making their way to the public.

Education and research are the key! 

Don't be left behind!


A change in your Lifestyle can be this simple: 

Move a little more. Eat a little less. Sleep a little more. Stress a little less.  

If you need a phone consultation regarding your health issues:

LiteLife Solutions

Maria & Steven Boldry

  (970) 373-1970  

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