The story behind Settle Down:

My name is Maria Boldry. I am a researcher, a Naturopathic Doctor, and I have a true love for the holistic approach to health. The Settle Down pills came about because of my husband, Steven. He has what I like to call "Busy Brain"; he never seems to be able to completely relax and just "be". His brain and body are always going 100 miles an hour.....even when it is time for bed! So, being the researcher and formulator that I am, I began experimenting with a few different herbs and vitamins that I felt would soothe his mental state and quiet his excitable brain. After a couple of tries with varying amounts of elements, Settle Down pills came to his rescue! He noticed a difference immediately and he started feeling comfortable in his own skin again. Less agitation, and irritation, and a calmer mood was a sure sign that I was onto something good for him (and me <<wink>>).

At our wellness center in Colorado, I started asking folks who would come in, "Do you have endless inner chatter, or busy brain?" I was shocked at how many people said "YES!!" So, that led to the manufacturing of the Settle Down formula. We have had so many great testimonials regarding this grouping of nutrients! I am pleased to be able to offer it to you, now, on our website.

There are not that many products out there that have a profound effect in a very short period of time, but this is truly one of them. Within minutes, most people feel the calming, balancing impact of the formula. Worried about feeling drowsy? There are no components in the formula that create drowsiness! The constituents of Settle Down are supportive and balancing to the adrenals and to the neural pathways in the brain.* When we can calm the adrenal (fight or flight) response, the body does not "over-react" to life. And, if we react more calmly to life's experiences as they come, we have more energy to do the things we need to do instead of wasting valuable resources and energy on being worried!

We have had testimonials from people who have given this product to their dogs and horses as well! I didn't realize that focus/attention issues and hyper neural activity was so prevelent in the animal world. However, I am now hearing of people's pets being on medication similar to Prozac for depression and anxiety! Well, this formula might be able to take the place of some of those harmful medications to provide a natural apporach to a calm and restful state of being for animals too!

I cannot express how thrilled I am that this formula is getting the attention it is. We live in such a stressed out world of electromagnetic frequencies, and toxic substances. I believe this product can bring some inner peace while living in a world of chaos!

I believe it is time to settle down!