Cravings?  Take extra Vitamins and Minerals and witness those

cravings become a thing of the past!

Cravings are the body's way of telling us that it needs something.


When cravings hit, what does the body need?

Well, it NEVER needs junk food: soda pop, fast food, candy, cookies/cake/pie, or alcohol.   

Every craving is a signal from the brain that there is a nutrient lacking somewhere in the body.

  • Nutrients are: Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, and Essential Fatty Acids.  
  • Other elements that the body craves are water and oxygen.

So, why then, do we automatically reach for a bag of chips when our body begins speaking to us?  Habit and lack of body awareness.  

Mostly, we let our thoughts override the brain's intention because we have not been educated to do things differently for our body.

Cravings generally come during weight reduction because the adrenal glands are under extra stress.  The adrenal glands do many things for us, but one thing of great importance is that they help to balance our blood sugar. When we are dieting, we typically stop eating sugar and carbohydrates.  This is the preferred fuel for the body because sugar and carbs reduce to glucose which is a super easy fuel to metabolize.  Fat burning on the other hand requires the fat being reduced to Ketones -- which is the most efficient long lasting fuel.  However, Ketones require the body to use extra energy to break down and metabolize.  So the body craves simple sugars and carbs because it is easier!  The adrenal glands, since they are helping to balance blood glucose, make us crave those simple sugars and carbs.  It is a survival technique by the body to keep blood sugar stable with the least effort.  

The nutritional elements that support the adrenal glands are B-Vitamins and Minerals.  During any diet program, there is also a reduction in the amount of B-Vitamins and Minerals that are coming into the body by food.  During any diet program it is essential that extra vitamins and minerals be supplemented!   

  • In 2002, JAMA (Journal of American Medicine) stated findings that it is prudent for all individuals to seek nutritional supplementation due to studies revealing that we do not get suffecient nutrition from our food alone.  Many, actually most, doctors have ignored this statement and still deny that nutritional supplementation is needed.  And, most shocking is that  most will tell their patients that extra supplementation is a waste of money and just not necessary!  

So, when cravings hit you -- remember that your body is in need of vitamins and minerals.  

Take an extra dose of good supplements and witness those cravings dissipate!