Just Tell Me What To Eat!!

Hair and Blood-Type Analysis gives you the answers you have been searching for!

ONLY  $170 for the Complex Analysis!

If you have been craving the LiteLife, this is for you!

Hair Analysis:

Maybe you have been experiencing stomach upset, bloating, congestion, weight gain or even an annoying rash on your skin that just appears out of nowhere. Maybe you are suspecting that certain foods or nutrition triggers symptoms to worsen. This test will give you a broad variety of foods that are tested, along with many environmental factors that could be causing uncomfortable reactions in the body. 

Blood-Type Food Findings:

Maybe you have put on a few pounds over the years or maybe you are menopausal or andropausal and have found your middle section growing out of control. This test will incorporate the variety of foods that are best suited for your own blood type and integrate them with the foods found to be least inflammatory in the Hair Analysis portion. These two elements combined will give you the edge you have been looking for to take control of the scale for good! 

These two combined create the Crave LiteLife Plan.  

Start losing weight and notice a reduction in inflammation within the first week of getting your results!

WE ONLY TEST HAIR. (NO blood samples are ever needed!)


Here is what your  Hair Analysis results will give:

Food and Environmental Intolerance Test

Your hair sample is tested against 750 different food and non-food items.

Nutrition Deficiency Test

Our test identifies key nutrients potentially missing from your diet. We can currently identify up to 80 nutrients.

Heavy Metals Test

Your hair sample is tested against 24 unique metals. Metals can be ingested or absorbed by the body and are typically overseen as potential catalysts for intolerance.


Hair testing results are not affected by your last meal, stress or other factors, and can therefore store information for longer periods of time. This information is used for intolerance testing for foods, non-food, metal, minerals and deficiencies.  Then are able to give you a detailed report that creates a broad picture of your intolerance. The hair testing method for intolerance is considered excellent for several reasons, some include:

     *Non-invasive – we only require a small sample of hair.

     *Test more items – blood tests can usually only test for a small selection of items, whereas we can test against 750 different items.

     *Fast results – testing is completed quickly and efficiently as hair testing is a much faster process than blood testing.

     *Hair stores information within it and is not affected by outside contaminants. Hair coloring and/or dyes will not have any effect on your test.

     *Cost effective – due to all of these reasons, hair testing is less expensive than blood testing and urine testing.

SAFE, SIMPLE AND NON-INVASIVE HAIR TESTING:  We offer the most comprehensive hair tests available using the latest bio-technology resonance technology. Our testing facility scans only 4-5 strands of your hair which results in detailed reporting of intolerances.

When you order, you will be mailed a hair collecting kit (and a blood test kit if you purchase one).

You mail your hair sample to us and we do the rest!

14-21 days later, you should have all the information you need to begin honoring your body in the way it needs to create balance for you.

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List of Foods and Elements Tested