Blood-Type & Hair Analysis

Test for:

Inflammatory foods

Environmental toxins

Heavy metals

Nutritional deficiencies.

Hair Analysis will assist you in discovering YOUR OWN plan for dietary modification, supplemental recommendations, and heavy metal and environmental risk factors.   Hair Analysis will help you understand the dietary changes that would be most helpful for you.   

Unlike other dietary programs you have attempted, this plan is for you and ONLY you!

Let us help take the guesswork out of the #1 dietary question:

“What should I eat?”


Hair analysis will offer an answer to that question, and more.  Once you begin eating the foods that do not create inflammation, your body will be able to make dramatic changes and begin to release excess fluid and fat stores.   Additionally, we can take your hair analysis findings and super charge the results by cross-referencing your blood type.  I am sure you have heard of the ‘blood type diet’ where you eat foods that are best digested with respect to your blood type.  We take both aspects and integrate them for a ‘unique-to-you’ version of your eating plan. 

The unique part about this extensive report is that it combines two different attributes of your personal makeup and merges them together.  Your blood type dictates what levels of digestive enzymes are typically available for quick and easy digestion (which leads to better nutritional absorption), and the hair analysis shows what elements create inflammatory reactions within your body. 

WHAT IF… you began eating foods that are not only easily digestible, but also create the least amount of inflammation in your body?  That would be the perfect eating plan - Right?!  When you think about the inflammatory response in the body, you may think of bloating after eating, or feeling a bit foggy or sluggish after a meal.  Did you know that it can take up to 3 days for the body to show signs of inflammation?  YES!  Negative reactions in the body can take up to 3 days to manifest.  So something you ate or came into contact with on Monday, may finally show up as symptoms such as bloating or sinus congestion on Tuesday or even Wednesday.  Some of us have been eating foods EVERY DAY that are inflammatory to some degree.  In addition, if we are not breaking down our meals properly because we lack the right enzymes, then this too creates digestive issues and more inflammation.

To tackle inflammation and lose a bit of excess weight, choose:  Complex Hair and Blood-Type Analysis

For symptom relief due to inflammation, choose:  Hair Analysis Only

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