Lose Weight This Week!

  •  Access your fat burning response!
  •  Absolutely no stimulants! 
  •  Completely Hormone Free!

  • Use Balancing Blend Drops  3x per day.
  • Use the 21 day Crave LiteLife Menu (comes with order).
  • Maintain ample water intake.
  • Use a Multi-Vitamin/Mineral supplement.
  • Use helpful additional recommended supplements
  • Lose 1 to 5 pounds per week!
  • Take a week off (without over indulging) and begin the cycle again for more loss!

 Add Activator Pellet to Bottle ~

The homeopathic Activator Pellet helps access your fat burning response.  Add the pellet to a bottle of Balancing Blend and follow the appropriate protocol  -- (which comes with your order).


Maria's Story:  Hello!  I am the formulator of Balancing Blend Drops.  I also formulated the original Phase2 hCG Drops back in 2009 when I successfully released 48 pounds in 90 days.  What a dream to assist in helping so many others release excess fat and feel the benefits of weighing less.  When the FDA stepped in to deter manufacturers from producing and selling hCG (as it pertains to weight loss) it was a big blow to many companies, and also to countless customers.  

I personally was able to maintain my weight loss for many years until a series of stresses in 2015 sabotaged my maintenance and I began gaining my weight back.  I didn't gain all of the 48 pounds back, but enough that I was feeling uncomfortable in my clothing again. 

At the very beginning of 2016 I was researching several diet plans that seemed compatible to my system while using the Balancing Blend Drops and I was thrilled to see the scale start a down-ward trend.  I didn't tell many people during the first week because in the past I had started so many eating plans that would begin with a good amount of loss and then by day 5 to 7 in the program I would hit a wall and my body would stop losing.  I wanted to make sure that I was going to continue to see the scale go down into week 2 before I started telling people what I was doing. 

Sure enough, after 21 days on the program I was down a total of 12.4 pounds!  Albeit a little slower results than I experienced with the HCG program, but I truly felt better overall.  The Crave LiteLife plan has allowed me to release a little bit more than an 1/2 pound per day!  As I told people what I was doing, of course, they wanted to try the same plan.  So I wrote up the plan and started a few people on it, as test subjects.  All of them began losing.  I am so excited to now have a program to direct people to while they are taking the Balancing Blend Drops that will assist in faster weight reduction.  Here's to a new you!  ~  Maria Boldry


Jenny S. : "I'm back to losing more each day ~ most days a whole pound!  AND, I'm not having to be as strict as I was on the original hCG dietary protocol.....I am so pleased with this new activator, and plan.   Thank you!" 

Michelle C.:  I have lost 9 pounds in the first 11 days! 

Steven B.:  I was skeptical, but this plan has proven to me that it works.   I lost 9 pounds in the first week. I will keep going!