Green Laser Clearing Kit


Green Laser Clearing Kit GrnLsrKit
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The Green Scalar Laser Clearing Kit will allow you clear negative emotional states from your energetic field.

You will be able to assist yourself, your loved ones, and your clients in releasing the energy bonds that connect emotion and physical discomfort.

The Clearing Cards will guide you through 6 different attributes of balancing:

  • Age Clearing (loosing the bonds of physical and emotional trauma at specific times in this life)
  • Physical Clearing (releasing trapped emotion in specific areas of the body that are causing discomfort)
  • Spiritual Clearing (breaking the bonds of energetic sources that are harmful to healthy balance)
  • Ancestral Clearing (releasing any generational ties to illness and discomfort)
  • Genetic Clearing (energetically releasing and balancing any miasmic or epigenetic issues)
  • Soul Retrieval (integrating Soul fragments that have broken off during times of trauma)

The Kit consists of a 532nm green laser, a fitted Scalar sleeve, a rechargeable battery and charging block, Clearing Cards for all 6 levels, instructions, 4 - 2ml clear glass vials, 4 - 5ml clear glass vials, Selenite stone, carrying case.

Green Laser Clearing Kit
Green Laser Clearing Kit
Green Laser Clearing Kit